War Veterans Back to Iraq to Ski 11,000-Foot Peak

“Max Lowe has a penchant for adventure. The young National Geographic Explorer has cut his teeth as a photographer and filmmaker by traveling to the far reaches of the globe in an effort to document inspiring tales of survival and exploration.

Lowe, who comes from a storied lineage of mountaineers–he is the son of famed climber, Alex, and the adopted son of iconic alpinist Conrad Anker–has found his own path amongst the sometimes oversaturated outdoor photography scene through a continued willingness to go further and suffer more for the story. He puts himself in situations that others might balk at. While a number of his peers travel to the same well known outdoor meccas to capture cliche moments that will equate to social media success, Lowe goes the distance for his work, scouring the globe from Rapa Nui to Iraq.

What transpired was a moving journey of healing and adventure, a revival of soul and spirit. Three U.S. veterans returning to a place of trauma and strife to find solace and closure. Lowe was there to document the journey and his new film, Adventure Not War, is a visual tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line in the name of country, honor, and duty and the post-war healing process. We caught up with Lowe to talk about traveling to Iraq, healing through adventure, and most importantly what we as U.S. citizens can do to be more empathetic and supportive of military veterans.”

For the full story and video go to: The Inertia

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