Spokane River – 1st Complete SUP Descent

“Allison Roskelley’s ankles were swollen from standing on a water-borne “plank” 12 to 15 hours per day, four days in a row. Jed Conklin was suffering occasional spasms in his back. Grace Robison’s left knee was scabbed with scratches from a thorny vine she’d snagged while trying to avoid a lush patch of poison ivy.

But the 112 miles of paddling, portages, glee and suffering was behind them Monday evening as they cheered and raised their paddles to the sky in blistered hands at the confluence with the Columbia River.

The trio had become, as far as they know, the first adventurers to run the entire length of the Spokane River on stand-up paddleboards.”

For the complete story and more photos go to: The Spokesman-Review

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