Snoqualmie Pass to Canada on Skis

Photo: (Scott Rinckenberger /
Photo: (Scott Rinckenberger /

“Backcountry skiers Trevor Kostanich and Forest McBrian have completed one of the most ambitious ski ventures ever attempted in Washington’s mountains.

It took 30 paper maps, 23 8-ounce bottles of isobutane fuel and about 4,000 daily calories apiece for Trevor Kostanich and Forest McBrian to ski from Snoqualmie Pass to the Canadian border in a single, uninterrupted push. The pair emerged from the wilderness about a week ago, with stories to tell and showers to take.

“It’s … by far the most ambitious ski venture attempted in Washington’s mountains that I know of,” said Lowell Skoog, a backcountry skier and a documentarian of the sport in the Northwest. “They’ve sort of one-upped everybody.””

For story and more photos go to: Seattle Times

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