Runners Lap Grand Teton Twice, Um, No, Thrice—In a Day

“It started as just another training run — a way to push their bodies and to pack in more elevation gain than any single local mountain could produce. It was a grind, as all runners know hill repeats can be. But this wasn’t just a hill. And this wasn’t just any run.

In July a three-person team completed two car-to-car summit bids of the 13,775-foot Grand Teton in a single day. It is believed to be the first such feat.

Then, just two weeks later, a solo runner finished three laps in one day.

Each trip from the parking lot to the summit of the Grand and back is about 15 miles and includes about 7,400 vertical feet of elevation. There are no official records for feats like multiple ascents in a day, but these are believed to be the first on the Grand.”

For the complete story go to: Adventure Journal

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