French Alpinists Pioneer Risky New Route on Nuptse

“After two failed attempts, the team of three ascended Nuptse’s massive 7,000-foot wall to put up a new route on one of the Himalayas’ most difficult mountains.

On October 19, Frenchmen Hélias Millerioux, Frédéric Degoulet, and Niçois Benjamin Guigonnet—who call themselves “the Moustache Gang”—climbed a new route alpine-style on Nupte’s south face. Nuptse, a 25,791-foot giant in Nepal’s Khumbu Valley, lies near Lhotse and is a little over a mile to the southwest of Mount Everest. But unlike those other two peaks, Nuptse is rarely attempted, because it’s shorter than 8,000 meters. “It’s the second fiddle,” says mountaineer Alan Arnette. “It’s right next to Everest and Lhotse, so people don’t give it a whole lot of credit.”

For the complete story go to: Outside Magazine

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