First-Ever Transatlantic SUP Crossing | The Preparation


“South African waterman Chris Bertish is not one to be afraid of a good challenge. After all, this is a guy who won the Mavericks Invitational in 2009, and also holds a Guinness World Record for paddling nearly 80 miles in 12 hours. But as impressive as those feats are, his latest undertaking would dwarf most physical accomplishments known to man. That’s because, within the next few weeks Bertish will attempt to become the first person to complete a transatlantic SUP crossing–4,500 miles in 120 days. The journey will take him from Morocco to Florida, with stops in the Canary and Caribbean islands. SUP recently caught up with Chris to ask him about his ambitious plan. Our discussion will be released as a multi-part web series, with each installment focusing on a different aspect of the trip. In this first part, Bertish fills us in on his extensive four-year preparation.”

More interview and more go to: SupTheMag

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