Bart De Zwart Sets 24-Hour SUP Distance Record

“Maui paddler Bart de Zwart is known as the godfather of endurance and expedition paddling for good reason: the guy is an animal.

The Flyin’ Dutchman just claimed the 24-hour SUP distance world record after logging an unbelievable 120.4 miles in a single day. The feat officiates a trend in endurance paddling underway, with de Zwart’s record overtaking two others set within the past year. The 120.4-mile effort gives de Zwart the title after exceeding English paddler Joanne Hamilton-Vale’s record-setting attempt of 111.84 miles, which she completed in April to narrowly beat out Robert Norman’s previous record of 111.8 miles set back in February. The turn of events once again reaffirms de Zwart’s reputation as the undisputed king of distance paddling.”

For the complete story go to: SUP Magazine

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