12 Great Moments in Bouldering History

“Plotting the sport’s first ascents and groundbreaking advances.

In 1991, a crusty climbing bum with a gap-toothed grin named John “Vermin” Sherman published the Hueco Tanks Climbing and Bouldering Guide, introducing his open-ended V scale for grading. As practitioners pushed the outer limits of the sport, Sherman’s Hueco system soon replaced mathematician John Gill’s limited three-tiered system, in which B1 was equivalent to the top sport climbs, B2 was harder, and B3 had only one climber who had ever completed the route.
In the decades since, Sherman has said that “judging the quality or importance of a boulder problem based on a difficulty grade is bullshit.” While we admire Sherman’s insistence that the sheer beauty of a problem is its own reward, we’re nonetheless compelled by the way the sport has advanced since Hueco Tanks. Here is Outside’s timeline of the most impressive sends of the past quarter-century.”

For the list go to: Outside Magazine

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